Monday, 27 November 2017

MY A&P show work

this is my A&P show work could you please leave I thoughtful comment

                         The first Agricultural and Pastoral Show in Christchurch was held in a paddock north of Latimer Square on 22 October 1862. The Canterbury A&P Association was formed a few weeks later on 23 January 1863, with Robert Wilkin as its first president. In April 1863, the A&P Association purchased 14 acres  in Colombo Street South for show grounds; this is now Sydenham Park. In November 1887, new show grounds opened in Addington.

The Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association, established in 1863, is an association under the Agricultural and Pastoral Societies Act 1908. The Association hosts an yearly Agricultural and Pastoral Show which has grown over the years to become the largest A&P Show in New Zealand.
Following the establishment of official European settlement by the Canterbury Association in 1850 the province set about establishing itself on a rural economy and thus from its earliest European inception an interest in annually displaying the fruits of the horticultural and agricultural abilities of the area. Shows were an important part of the rural culture of England and the tradition quickly became a part of early settlement.
The earliest record of any such 'show' is 16 December 1852 in Hagley Park. In May 1853 an essentially horticultural display was held at the White Hart Hotel and a show of livestock held in the Market Place (Victoria Square) . In May 1854 a similar show including wool and grain samples was held at the Golden Fleece Hotel. Similar shows continued on through the 1850s with the formation of the Canterbury Farmers' Club in 1858.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The rianmaker.

This is my story I wrote in under half an hour we needed to write a story about what we sore. Could I have some feed back?
Name Base                                                                 Pair Marker:
Success Criteria - Narrative
Features of Text
  • I have included a beginning, middle and an end.
  • I have created a setting by showing with my words or using who, what, when & where.
  • I have included a problem & solved it (or created good tension)
  • I have written a satisfying ending.
  • I have written in either 1st person or 3rd person.
  • I have used descriptive language throughout  (sets of 3, alliteration, similes, personification, metaphors) and provided detail to my story.
  • I have used a range sequencing connectives. (time words or phrases)
My Personal Target/s:

What I think I did well: at the start.
What my partner thinks I’ve done well: wording
What I think I need to improve next time:finishing it
What my partner thinks I need to improve next time: finishing it

“Willam straight ahead to the Rainmaker” I say to William my personal assistant. we fly towards it but out of the blue engine two fails and we have to prepare for crash landing in 3,2,1…
I wake up to see William and some bad looking people staring at me I get ready to run so I leap up and go to run but then this change was holding me back I shout out to Willam “Why Willam why are you doing this!” “Because it's for your own good trust me” William says. I get looked in a dark room and I can't see anything there's a voice “Hello William must have found you” What do you mean found you. “He finds as and brings us here because we're special”

what's your name.“Helen Bajer” That's weird because my name is Helen Bajer too…

Friday, 20 October 2017

uru manuka

this is my first one and i like the diamond shape and that it shows that we share are work all over the world.

This is my second won i like it because its different t my first one
it will be helpful if you could give me some feedback and hers a link to what i made them on.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

final hockey game

Last weekend was are final game of hockey against cathedral grammar. We where in the final it was 1.0 to them it was so annoying because we one the semi final 7.0 and had  bet them twice before we were top of the table.
Image result for hockey hornby

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Today we had a book award thing that was fun I learnt that Des Hunt has been writing for over 50 years. (thats a lot!)we went to New Zealand Book Award Day. We saw Authors from New Zealand and they explained their books and what they do. it was so fun we had fun listening to them talking to themselves.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The holidays

In the I went to the mall and saw some cool shoes the Nike Motion RN i really want them for my birthday in september. This is a photo of them.

Image result for nike motion rn flyknitI also had hockey training which was good. My new hockey nickname is the One man show. I'm so humble. and I went to the antarctic center and I got to meet a husky ther so nice and soft.